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Sedona Tachyon Wellness Center Launches It's Brand New Website!

A few months after hitting it's 4 year anniversary ... Sedona Tachyon Healing Wellness Center has completely redone & transformed it's online image & presence.

The new website now shows the full breadth & scope of what this unique wellness center has to offer!

"Over the years, we saw that clients needed ongoing support, with a clear need to leave Sedona armed with powerful spiritual support & better energy healing know-how through powerful audio tools too ... so that the healing, timeline upgrades & their alignment to higher soul-purpose doesn't end when they leave Sedona" said Ada Tourtsakis, the lead practitioner & co-owner.

A quick glance at their new website, shows that Sedona Tachyon Healing is very much a fully fledged wellness center, that provides more than Tachyon Chamber sessions.

Ada went on to say "... although Tachyon Chamber sessions do such much for altering people's life path in such fundamental ways, we wanted to GIVE MORE. So we positively, absolutely, augmented the wonders of Tachyon particles with Theragem Photonic Light, DNA Activation Codes & other tools my husband created with his Light Teams, to take that even bigger quantum leap forward that people who come to Sedona, seek".

It's all about giving & serving, as far as Ada is concerned!

She & her husband Jim also recognized over the years of serving many clients, that people really need counseling & consultation support. This is now officially provided for too, on the new site.

Ada ads, "people would regularly end up sharing very personal stories of past wounds or deep desires ... so it was time to provide a better setting & format for this important need. Then, as we added the services we saw that people needed as well ... I found they needed consulting advise on what's best for them too. So we established phone consultations too".

This unique wellness center is right near Sedona Airport Mesa, on Shelby Drive.

Check out their home page now, because you'll be impressed with what they can provide you with, to not only make the most of your stay in stunning Sedona ... but leave (as Ada would say) on a much 'higher personal timeline' ... thanks to the frequency raising effects of Sedona Tachyon Healing.

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