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Release your Scarcity Blocks at the Lunar Eclipse!

Many of you may have felt the SIX M-Class CME's that the sun fired off yesterday! They are due to arrive around the time of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse tomorrow morning (Friday). Details on meditations scheduled for this eclipse at the bottom of this post.

After this second big blast of light in 4 days, we're planning to celebrate. Many of you know that Sedona Quantum Tachyon Healing has now joined forces with Sedona Quantum Consciousness... where every Friday at 5PM Mark Szymczak hosts a special Frequency Friday event to raise our frequency and vibrations. You can find the rest of the Frequency Friday events scheduled for May here:

This Frequency Friday will be extra special as Cynthia Clark takes the stage. Cynthia has a daily connection with the Pleiadians. Her automatic writings from these channelings are birthing a new course on Multidimensional Manifesting and "Activation of Your Money Portal". Along with a very special 'Frequency Friday' soundbath, she will be offering us unique insights from the Pleiadians into the connection between the portals in the palms of your hand, and your ability to manifest. Friday's demonstration is all about releasing your scarcity blocks and manifesting abundance.

$11 Entry Fee with Discount Code "Thanks"

Wesak full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 5th at 10:35 AM (Arizona)

Many people around the world will be meditating at the full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on Friday morning. We are repeating the Portal of Light (20 minute meditation) that we did on May 1st, at which time an enormous influx of positive energy entered the planet. The Pluto-Moon-Juno grand trine will trigger an additional energy flash from the M87 galaxy, as the Moon will be exactly conjunct with the active galactic center of the M87 galaxy at 1 degrees 14 minutes Libra, and Juno will almost exactly conjunct Pleiades at the same moment (Juno at 0 degrees 5 minutes Gemini and Alcyone at 0 degrees 18 minutes Gemini): The Wesak full Moon on May 5th will be the moment when the connection of Ascended beings with the surface of the planet will be the strongest.

The exact time for Portal of Light Wesak meditation for many time zone here:

For a longer and more advanced energy clearing/ Gaia gridwork/ Planetary Level Psychic Surgery version of these meditations (and more), you can sign up to receive Notifications here:

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