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The only spiritual wellness center in Sedona that combines:  

the particle altering Theragem System - who's pulsed photonic LIGHT and frequencies help unlock your cell's potential for rapid healing & recovery

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the spiritual boosting Tachyon Chamber - get bathed in Soul Path Aligning, timeline upgrading & healing Tachyon particles from outer space, in real-time 

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and leave with unique & specialized guided audio [sessions] & Codes you wear - The support doesn't stop there Dear One. Your gains ... healing ... and activations CONTINUE after you leave  Sedona, so you continue to RISE in frequency to bigger & better things life has to offer, which is your birthright!  The right resources will be prescribed to you, before you leave.

To Book by Phone: 928 202 9827

Some of our services.
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Not sure what's best for you?

Speak now with someone from Sedona Tachyon Wellness Center, who knows all the intimate details and 'ins-and-outs' of all these profound tools ... technologies & resources above, to make sure you get what's right for you. 

Book by phone: 928 202 9827

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