(Results are significant) 

  • Design & Sacred Geometry received directly from Pleiadians, by a well known Pleiadian Incarnate & Scientist.


  • Healing Tachyon particles portaled in through Crystal Wormhole Oscillators onboard a Genesis II Satellite in real-time, as you lie on the chamber bed. (Tachyon particles do not enter the earth’s atmosphere through the tachyon barrier but this specialized technology allows you to experience them)


  • Sessions kept to 20 mins, due to potency & current accretion capacity of most people, thanks to this Pleiadian design & portal technology… (to avoid too much spiritual, emotional or physical ‘detox’ all at once.) Please Note: This can sometimes be the case if you are involved with  'plant medicine' - in that - or in other rare cases,  we will recommend that you do a Theragem Elation session instead .


  • 10 min consultation included

  • If for some reason, you are not able to easily get into the chamber, we would be happy to offer you an Elation session in our outer office on our Theragem System, where you would still be receiving the tachyon healing energy.

$3 per minute or $60 for 20 mins:



For a complete "TUNEUP" to accelerate your results - $300 for 5 Sessions:

( ... 5 individual sessions during a 2 and a half day period, suitable for out of town visitors to Sedona)  

                                                        Call us at 928-202-9827

to set up your appointment.

Due to severe negative health reactions from 

 'spike protein shedding' 

(shedding of spike protein by Covid vaccine recipients onto those who have not taken the vaccine) we are not currently accepting online bookings.

We sincerely apologize for this.

We are now being very careful to schedule vaccinated and unvaccinated people on different days.


We do have plenty of availability, so please give us a call or send us an email to schedule your sessions.







If you have taken the Covid vaccine, we strongly recommend you take more than one robust natural immune booster at the beginning of the next flu season.

DISCLAIMER: We are not certified health & medical professionals. This health advice is our opinion & not to be taken as a health prescription. Please seek advise from your health/medical physician/practitioner.



Tachyons are the highest frequency particles that can be combined with matter. Nothing negative, unhealthy or unnatural can co-exist in the presence of tachyon particles.


As a result, when combined with human tissue, non-physical bodies & electrical system, any diseased … aged … or damaged cells are entrained with the extreme high frequency of tachyon particles and thus restored to their optimum state of health.


Not even damaging electro-magnetic radiation (EMF) from cell towers or WiFi can do harm with tachyons around.


Only $60 for a potent 20 min session


accelerate your results with 5 Sessions

pay once for 5 separate - 20 min sessions, but only over several days (min 2 day period) due to potency .... at $300

Reinvigorate your heart, spirit & personal timeline for bigger & better things in life.

What are “Tachyons” and how do they assist in healing, rejuvenation & longevity?

tachyon project.jpg

According to documentation in the field of quantum physics - tachyons are sub-atomic particles that travel faster than the speed of light and beyond time, unlike electrons … neutrons & protons. Because  tachyons are the highest frequency particles that can be ...