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Sedona Tachyon Healing is an official reseller of the popular Nano Soma DNA Healing Spray!


And the testimonials for NANO SOMA keep coming in:

Here is my testimonial: (Sorry this is so long)

I started NANO SOMA with the 5 sprays, 4 times a day for a week, because I felt I have many issues that might be improved.  Then I did the 5 sprays 2x a day to finish another bottle in 2 weeks.


I have needed knee replacement for 7 years now in both knees.  Lots of pain.  I was still able to do gentle cardio through at least 5 of the years and it helped with inflammation.  I don't believe in putting metals into my body, so I just dealt with the pain for that time instead of surgery. 


After roughly 5 years I decided to try stem cell injections.  These were expensive.  Throughout the last two years, I put $2000 worth of stem cells in my knees every six months and did it three times (At $1000 per knee).  Each time I waited for at least 5 months to see if the knees improved.  They did not.


I am certainly not rich but was hoping to avoid surgery.  I kept thinking that the next dose would be the one that worked since my knees were so damaged from waiting so long.  $6000 wasted. 


I know stem cells work for some people but for me it didn't work at all.  I do trust my alternative health practitioner, so I know she knows what she is doing.  I just don't know why my body didn't respond.


After all this I cried and cried and didn't know what to do. I was so hopeful for this procedure.  I was ready to give up and have knee replacement, but I still kept putting it off. 


There came a time in the last year that I could no longer do cardio due to the pain level getting worse.  That raised many other problems that come without exercise. 


My practitioner said that my circulation had become very bad from inactivity among other things.  I was now a couch potato, and I am one that loves to exercise and stay fit.


Anyway, immediately after I finished the intensive NANO SOMA treatment, I noticed that the pain has gone down substantially and mostly remains there with a few bad days occasionally.


I would say from a constant pain level of 10 as high pain, I am now most regularly at 3 and a half to a 4.  That's how fast my pain level went down.  I am so happy! 


It seems to me that the NANO SOMA kick started my knees to begin healing.  I don't think it was just a coincidence that my knees feel like they are beginning to heal now that I am using NANO SOMA.  


It has now been 5 weeks and I feel like my knees are slowly but surely healing. This is the best they have felt in years. They are still weak from non-use for 7 years, but I know that as I continue this treatment, I will gain my strength back as well.   I feel fully confident that I won't have to have surgery. 


I almost feel that in another 4 to 6 weeks, my pain level could very well be gone, or down to a 2 or 1.  I will do an update again at that time.

Now, I have to say that I also had purchased a Bemer (pulsed electromagnetic field) machine 5 months ago and was seeing small changes with daily use.  


It would take the swelling and inflammation down with everyday use and I was able to do a bit more around the house. The Bemer rep had said that many people did not have to have knee surgery with continued use.  She did say it would be slow. 


I think that my knees may very well have healed if I had kept diligently using the Bemer but the healing was painfully slow.  I was indeed seeing small improvements though.  So now I still use both the Bemer and NANO SOMA.  Once I finished the two bottles of NANO SOMA is when I saw the healing begin to speed up.

On another subject, I have been struggling with insomnia for the last year or so. Of course, then I was tired all day long.   I have been seeing some improvements in that respect also.  Not perfect yet but getting there. Some better sleep and also some bursts of energy during the day.

As I said, I will do another update in a couple of months or so and let you know what improvements I see further down the road.


Thank you so much for the NANO SOMA.  I feel like I am getting my life back!

Rosemary Beare. USA. 3 August, 2021



 Hi Richard

My husband and I are both using NANO SOMA (10 days in).  We both noticed changes immediately. Our sleeping has improved in that we are both getting deep sleep and waking up refreshed and ready to go, something that we have not had for many, many years.


We both initially experienced a not so pleasant taste which now is improving.


Personally, I am experiencing subtle improvements such as less nervous tension, some digestive improvements, and I have a damaged toenail (I have had it for 15yrs) which seems to be growing from the matrix attached to the nail bed. I am using 5 sprays x 1 daily at night.


My Husband has had long term health issues due to a childhood viral infection (he is now 59) which we have consulted with many Doctors, Allied health, and holistic practitioners, with little improvement. He has been using NANO SOMA for 1 week today (5 sprays x 2 daily). Improvements include- quality sleep and sleeping till morning, body inflammation is reducing, he has a nail fungal that he cannot get rid of which seems to be growing health.

I know it is still early days, but we cannot believe the improvements so far. This is really exciting.


Regards and thanks,


C from Australia.  22 July, 2021




Ten years of testimonials gathered by Raghu can be found at: and those gathered by me over the last year or so are at:, with a US only subset at:

Also, these testimonials can now be found in French, Italian, Spanish and German at

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